November 25, 2010

faux-anarchists and student protestors

Isn't it interesting how when the left does not get its way all of its commitment to democracy evapourates. When the Tarquins and Jemimas of the oh-so-chic radical left see their side loose they petulantly stamp their feet and demand that it be declared the winner anyway. They do not realise that there is no money left and that the state, unlike their daddy dearest, cannot keep on writing big cheaques to buy them whatever toys their heart is set on this week. There is no money left. All but the most fringy parties understood that most people realised this and campaigned to be the ones that would implement the cuts. Labour lost. Get over it.

This does form a pattern that can be seen a lot:

If lots of people want a lefty policy then it is the democratic will of the people, and cannot be denied.
If lots of people want a policy that lefties disagree with then it is evil popularism, and must be stopped at all costs.

If socialist policies get the a party thrown out after one term then they add up the vote share of all of the parties they consider lefty to claim that socialism always had majority support.
If non-lefties combine in a coalition with over 50% of the vote share they say it is illegitiment and they have no mandate.

There was an election to decide the parties that would implement the cuts to stop the UK looking like Ireland, and they lost. The coalition parties gained over 50% of the vote, and the Tories alone gained more individual votes that Labour had in their landslide victories. But as this was not a victory for the left, so lefty thugs and boot-boys start smashing things up in order to get through violence what they cannot get through persuasion. I wonder if the faux-anarchists that were smashing things up yesterday realise the irony of supposed 'anarchists' protesting against reducing the size of the state? Probably not.


Anonymous Michael Fowke said...

These upper middle-class students were ridiculous on the news last night - trying to justify what they were doing.

4:11 pm  

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